XR3, the new virtual exhibition

XR3, a virtual exhibition co-curated by NewImages Festival, Cannes XR and the Tribeca Film Festival showcased in June and July

@Meeting Crayons by Danny Bittman
@Meeting Crayons by Danny Bittman

From June 9 to 20 and July 6 to 17 at the Museum of Other Realities, the XR3 virtual exhibition was accessible in your home and around the world.

Our three VR selections were showcased at the Museum of Other Realities (MOR), a breathtaking virtual exhibition space in which each room have hosted an original and inventive scenography, specially designed for this momentous occasion by the selected artists. With this unprecedented partnership, the three events were delighted to band together in order to make VR and the latest immersive creations easily accessible!

If you had a wired virtual reality headset, then you could access the XR3 exhibit directly from your home. the accredited professionals to the NewImages Festival had free access to the 3 parts of the XR3 exhibition while the not accredited had access to the virtual exhibition through paid downloads on the Viveport or Steam VR platforms.

If you didn’t have a wired headset, XR3 was to be discovered within a satellite venues network deployed around the world. Many partner satellite venues played the game in June
such as

Espronceda – Institute of Art & Culture in
🇪🇸 Spain, Casino – Forum des arts in
🇱🇺 Luxembourg, or even at IFTech gallery in 🇹🇳 Tunisia.

And in July in 🇩🇰 Denmark with Phenomenal at Gl. Rådhus, at Incheon International Airport Transportation  in 🇰🇷 Republic of Korea, at MARS and Film center Lenfilm in
🇷🇺 Russia, at Bogota Cinematheque in
🇨🇴 Colombia, at the Campus Udlapark in
🇪🇨 Ecuador, at CINETic in 🇷🇴 Romania or even in 🇯🇵 Japan with CinemaLeap Inc.

— The selected of NewImages Festival

Jail Birds
Kinshasa Now

Lady Sapiens
Marco & Polo Go Round
Noah’s Raft

Strands of Mind
The Hangman at Home

— In images

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