About: 2021 XR Financing Market

The XR Financing Market is a one-of-a-kind funding and co-production program in Europe. Each year, it shelds light on a selection of around 40 immersive projects currently in development that it promotes to market players.

For several years now, through films, games, artistic installations or performances, XR technologies (virtual, augmented or mixed realities) have allowed for the emergence of new forms of narration, “mise-en-scène” and creation able to bring about a radical change in our relation to art.

What’s our aim? We want the XR Financing Market to be the meeting spot where future masterpieces of immersive and interactive art come alive, are discovered, pitched and financed.

That is why every year, the XR Financing Market gathers artists and independant producers looking for funding and new partners with industry leaders and cultural key players who support the distribution of these unique works.

Through this program, the NewImages Festival contributes to structure and to strengthen the XR ecosystem in order to support long-lasting immersive creation.

A new format in 2021

In response to the health situation, this totally hybrid format allowed to:

✔ switch between online and on-site meetings;

✔ ensure the participation of all selected project holders and Decision Makers, whether they are in Paris or not;

2021 selected projects

These are the 41 immersive projects selected, coming from 18 countries around the world and dealing with different themes: games, LIDAR, Black Culture, animation, environment, History, Live Performance, audio fiction and music, AR, science-fiction…


2021 Decision Makers

They are representatives from private or public funds, museums, TV channels, co-producers, online distributors or from LBE, etc.

Come and meet thos XR industry leaders have been with us in June 2021!


2021 XR Financing Market: key figures


immersive projects selected


countries of production


nationalities of participants


meetings have been organized


participants in total (+32%)


Decision makers (+100%)


project holders selected


international participants

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