VR: Walk into your heart and art


By Hsin-Chien Huang (New media artist)

VR and the “new media” we talked about in the past are greatly different. From an oriental perspective, artist’s concept must find a suitable physical material as its medium, and this is referred to as the “outer appearance;” No matter they are electronic circuitry or computer-generated imagery, an artist must find a medium that carries his or her imagination. However, VR releases all energy hidden within the possibilities, and in a world created by VR, imagination is the only limitation.

In this world completely created by their imaginations, creators make the rules; from gravity to a grain of sand, they can decide the entire VR world whatever they want. This unfolds limitless possibilities for creations.

DaySaturday 22 June
Locationsalle 300 (Forum des images)
Duration20 minutes