2021 XR Financing Market

Leading coproduction market in Europe for the funding of immersive works.

The XR Financing Market is a unique funding and co-production market, entirely dedicated to original immersive content. It brings together artists, producers and key industry figures sharing a common purpose: to create a meeting space where future immersive art masterpieces can be discovered, pitched and financed.

For you, a selection of expert, attentive decision makers will assist you during the development of your project.

A new format in 2021

Given the exceptional circumstances, the XR Financing Market becomes more flexible by implementing a new format for the next edition.

A totally hybrid version to:

✔ to switch between online and on-site meetings ;

✔ to ensure the participation of all selected project holders and Decision Makers, whether they are in Paris or not ;

Save the date

New and clearly defined time slots for participants to schedule their one-to-one meetings and then fully and serenely enjoy the line-up of our Industry Days.

One-to-one meetings with Decision Makers:

Online :
Monday, June 7th and Tuesday, June 8th.

Wednesday, June 9th and Thursday, June 10th.

A look back at 2020 XR Financing Market

Decision Makers

These leaders and experts of the XR industry were with us.

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Selected projects

8 pitching sessions, 40 of the most innovative projects.

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