2021 Editorial

For an immersion in all its forms and with a capital I 

Last September, the NewImages Festival concluded on a hopeful note. Since then, however, 2020 seems to have gone into extra time! At the time of writing, everything remains in flux and there are still many challenges ahead. But that doesn’t mean we haven’t been busy!

We took up the challenge of organizing two hybrid festivals just a few months apart. We showcased the newest, brightest and boldest of African creation as part of Africa2020 in Paris, and launched new international programs (South Africa residency, Taiwan x France XR Day) to support artists and professionals.

We partnered with Cannes XR and the Tribeca Film Festival and pooled our curatorial skills to create a major virtual exhibition hosted on our shared platform, XR3, a whole new aventure with artistic, technological and ecological ambitions.

We also launched a worldwide network of satellite venues — local places where you can discover our selection in a new virtual setting. If you can’t come to the festival, the festival will come to you!

We need to focus on this shared positivity, on how everyone is going all out to come up with new ways of getting together; we need to foster the curiosity that helps us breakdown borders, whether physical, virtual or imaginary.

Now, more than ever, it’s up to us to be daring, to do everything we canto support the XR industry and celebrate immersive experiences of all kinds. From 9 to 13 June, join us in inventing the creativity of the future! We can’t wait to meet you again, no matter what form our reunion takes.

Enjoy the festival!

Michaël Swierczynski, NewImages Festival Director

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