The Empathy Machine

Valentina Paggiarin


Intimacy with virtual beings

A propos du project

My project is called “The Empathy Machine”. Its purpose is to create Zara, an artificial intelligence whose goal in life is to understand, process, and, ultimately, experience human emotions. My idea is to give life to an artificial life form whose only struggle is to better comprehend emotions and to become more and more empathic with human beings. She will need to absorb knowledge and information from users in order to create specific and original visual immersive experiences that will help humans to cope with their emotions and their feelings.

Genre Other
Langues d’origine English
Format At Home, Real Time Rendered, For Lbe, Free Roam, 6 Dof, Installation
Platforme Htc Vive, Oculus Rift, Unreal

Hive Division (Italy), AnotheReality (Italy)


Date d’achèvement prévue 30/07/2021
Budget prévisionnel
450 000€


Artiste/s principal/aux Valentina Paggiarin Director & Writer, Erik Caretta VR/AI Specialist, Fabio Mosca technical officer
Producteur/s Giacomo Talamini
Acteur/s Sara Lazzaro

Ils seront présents sur le XR Financing Market

Valentina Paggiarin

hive division

Head of Development

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