A love of Y2k

Immersive design by Frederick Thompson


Intimacy with virtual beings

A propos du project

Immersed in a moving and mutating sound fiction, we wander in a physical space inhabited by the polyphony of subjugating female inner voices. They call us. Driven by an unknown force, bewitched by a melody, we can’t resist diving in the depths of the virtual for an immersive kiss with an artificial creature. A love of Y2k (pronounced I-two-ki)
A love of Y2k is an interactive fiction using digital sampling and patchwriting techniques to build a fascination, rejection relationship in-between man and technology. Is Y2k the avatar of technology, or the figure of human’s alienation to it?

Genre Other
Format Ar Mr, Installation
Platforme Oculus Rift, Magic Leap One, Unity

Les Films Fauves (Luxembourg)

Pictures by Frederick Thompson 


Date d’achèvement prévue 15/11/2020
Budget prévisionnel
250 000€
Partenaires à bord Prix d’art robert schuman 2019


Artiste/s principal/aux Laura Mannelli Lead artist, XR director,
Agnes De Cayeux Screenplaywriter writer,
Juan De Guillebon aka DyE (Tigersushi label) Music Composition and performer,
Fredrerick Thompson Immersive & immersive storytelling design and chief technologist officer
Producteur/s Gilles Chanial

Ils seront présents sur le XR Financing Market

Laura Mannelli

Architect, digital artist and XR director

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