Chocolate Milk

Pedja Ginevski


Diving into Human psyche

A propos du project

A Virtual Reality story based on true events. Interactive experience imagined by Jonathan, a 33-year old person, who has perfect pitch, perfect memory, and likes chocolate milk. It is an intimate journey through Jonathan’s memory and experiences as a person with autism immersing the viewer into his everyday reality. To navigate the experience, the viewer has to take a deep breath or sing in some scenes. The viewer will not be able to continue the story unless he/she follows the instructions.

Langues d’origineEnglish
Format6 Dof, Installation
PlatformeHtc Vive, Unreal

Elastic Media LLC (US), Dart Film & Video (Serbia), Ciné-Sud Promotion (France)



Date d’achèvement prévue01/08/2021
Budget prévisionnel
123 066€
Partenaires à bordDart Film and Video, Leis – private equity, European Cultural Foundation


Artiste/s principal/auxSonja Bozic co-creator, director,
Jonathan Weiner co-creator,
Larry Wener scriptwriter,
Pedja Ginevski storyboard,
Valentina Poprzan space sketch design
Producteur/sSonja Bozic producer (Elastic Media LLC),
Vladimir Vidic co-producer (Dart Film & Video),
Thierry Lenouvel co-producer (Ciné-Sud Promotion),

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Sonja Bozic

elastic media llc

Co-creator, Director, Producer

Jonathan Weiner

elastic media llc

Creator, Producer